The strength of Salès, Testu, Hill, Henry-Gaboriau & Associé is to deliver to clients in the sectors of industry, innovation, health and life sciences a genuine expertise based on the complementarity between business law and the protection of innovation or industrial development.

The firm assists and counsels French and international professionals, businesses and economic players on all issues related to daily corporate governance and doing business (corporate law, contract law, competition law, intellectual property law, etc.) as well as on exceptional development and external growth transactions.

In addition to its client base of industrial groups and investment funds, the firm especially advises innovative companies in the information technologies, biotechnologies and health sectors. Our lawyers have developed a recognized practice in the area of creating frameworks for and ensuring the legal protection of research as well as in the fields of health law and pharmaceuticals law.

The firm counsels and assists practitioners and health establishments, public and private, and has a department specialized in product liability and criminal business law. In partnership with Thomson Reuters, the firm was selected in a 2012 European Commission invitation to tender on a study focusing on criminal legislation in the European Union.

Client sectors